Our Staff, Volunteers & Board of Directors
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Brentwood is a full service provider. All staff members are certified in their field of expertise and these certifications meet or exceed provincial standards.

Senior Management Team
Jenn Bastien, C.A.C.II, A.C.R.P.S. - Women's Program Manager
Dan Martin, RP, C.A.C.II - Men's Program Manager
Glen Malott, Office Manager
Mark Lennox, Director of Development

Counsellors & Group Leaders
Maril Reaume, C.A.C.II, - Residential Counsellor, Women's Support Counsellor
Jamie Durham, C.A.C.II - Women's Program Group Leader
Sonia Charron, C.A.C.II - Women's Program Group Leader
Tom Butler, C.A.C.II - Men's Program Group Leader
Al Latendre, C.A.C.II - Men's Program Group Leader
Paul Kristalovich, C.A.C.II - Men's Program Group Leader
Gerry Farnham - Men's Program Group Leader

Marc Zakoor, C.A.C.II - Emerging Adult Male Program Group Leader
Karen Roberts, C.A.C.II - Emerging Adult Female Program Group Leader

Dr. Wilf Gallant, Ed D., M.S.W., R.S.W., C.A.C. - Registered Clinical Social Worker, Case Consultant and Research Associate
Dr. Kristina Levang, MD Psychiatry - Medical Department Head
Shannon Taylor RNEC - Nurse Practitioner 
Ed Jahn, RP, B.A.SC., B. COMM., M.A.C.P., P.ENG. - Supervisor Emerging Adult Program

Board of Directors
Brentwood has a volunteer Board of Directors who are elected by the Alumni. They, along with the Senior Management Team, are responsible for making decisions on the operations and direction of Brentwood.

There are hundreds of volunteers who serve Brentwood. These volunteers make it possible for Brentwood to focus on the core responsibility of recovery. Brentwood is fortunate to have these dedicated people who support Brentwood's needs.



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