Recovery begins here.

Located in the heart of Windsor Ontario, Brentwood is a non-denominational recovery home that has served over 20,000 men and women primarily from Windsor and Essex County; however clients come from all over Canada and the United States.

The facility is set on nine acres with three main buildings and a pavilion. It is staffed by 37 employees including certified counsellors and medical staff.

The Brentwood Recovery Home is dedicated to providing compassionate care and treatment in a residential setting for people whose primary problem is alcohol and drug abuse. In addition, Brentwood provides vital support programs for their families.

At Brentwood, we see alcoholism and other addictions as a disease and form of "spiritual blindness". People need other people who are in recovery to help them to see what they are missing in their lives.



June 24, 2020
Brentwood Residential Programs are still running. Strict isolation is required for the safety of clients and staff.
Brentwood is still closed to non-essential personnel until further notice.
Visitation, Alumni meetings and Events are still suspended.
For intake or other information call us at 519-253-2441 or email at
Thank you for your consideration. Be well, stay safe.



The Brentwood 2025: “Just Imagine” survey is open for your feedback as part of Brentwood’s strategic planning process.
The purpose of this survey is to obtain your views on Brentwood's Mission, Vi-sion, Values and future directions based on your understanding of Brentwood, the community and clients it serves, and the role of Brentwood within the local health care system.
Your views and perspectives are important so please feel free to speak your mind and offer your insight, advice and experience. You can find the online survey by clicking on the following link:
The survey will be open until June 30, 2020 at 12:00 pm.
Thanking you in advance,
Mark Walton, Supervisor



"That's what we can provide." Brentwood has a unique dedicated Alumni base that is the backbone for recovery.

Soon after arrival people begin recovery. They build a solid foundation for a lifetime of fulfilment and discover their true potential.

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